Engage: Get Ready for Marriage! Part 1

December is a popular time for marriage proposals. When most American couples think about getting engaged, thoughts automatically turn to the logistics of planning a wedding. The priorities include setting a date, finding a dress, and crafting a guest list.

In addition to planning the dream wedding, couples should also consider identifying and working on areas of the relationship that need improvement. Chances are these “sticking-points” will continue to reemerge throughout the duration of your marriage. After all, the term engagement isn’t just a promise to get married. The verb engage also means to employ or enter into conflict with. In other words, when you’re engaged you should be working on your relationship (especially the sticking-points) as well as working on your wedding.

Now, I know some of you do not want to think about dredging up the past or confronting your fiance about a hot-button issue; I understand. We are a culture driven by romantic love, and who wants to take the magic out of the engagement period? More importantly, who wants a lasting relationship? A relationship where you and your partner can co-exist together over time?

You can find Part 2 here.

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