The Benefits of Phone Therapy

Typically, when one thinks about therapy, an office outfitted with couch and chairs comes to mind.

A new, emerging trend is phone therapy. Some might dismiss the idea, but studies are showing that telephone therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face counseling sessions.

In a New York Times article, telephone therapy  clients are far more likely to continue with psychotherapy compared to face-to-face counterparts.

One major reason is that there are less barriers to receiving counseling by phone if you consider traffic, location, and transportation as contributing factors to dropout.

Also, although some need counseling, the problem experienced is impeding the person’s ability to begin or continue with therapy. For example, one of the clinical features of depression is lack of motivation. For some depressed individuals, getting to therapy is quite daunting. Phone therapy and online therapy can help resolve these issues.

Phone therapy is also beneficial for clients who live in rural locations, or frequently travel for work. At Good Life Psychotherapy, I have been using phone and skype counseling with clients and seeing positive results.

Phone and online therapy are promising alternatives to face-to-face counseling.


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