Working For The Weekend…

I can appreciate the lyrics to the song, “Working For The Weekend” by Loverboy. During the week days, I find myself thinking and fantasizing about my weekends. Whether it’s thinking about a Saturday morning breakfast taco, walking Town Lake, or hanging out with friends, considering the potential for leisure on the weekends is an automatic incentive for working hard throughout the week.

However, I hear from many that instead of venturing away from the mundane and routine, people often become bogged down with work, TV watching, and studying live updates on social networking sites on the weekends. Consequently, the weekend can become an extension of the work week. How many folks do you know arrive home from work and turn the TV (and internet) on as a means of decompressing? Readers, I’m not asking you to cut down on your internet usage, but to balance it out with a meaningful, engaging activity outside the realm of work and household duties.

I challenge you to note one weekend activity that you think about engaging during the week, and actually do it. For example, during my work week, I envision myself on an hour-long hike along the greenbelt. I will commit myself to seeing this idea through if you do the same. So, I want you to think about a manageable weekend activity that you haven’t completed yet, and carve out 1-2 hours this weekend to carry out your vision. Is it dinner out with friends, yoga, or visiting a new museum exhibit?

If you do decide to join me, I want you to take note of the quality of decompressing that comes with your experience. Are you able to distract yourself from thinking about work? Did you notice some of the tension dissolve in specific parts of your body?

I challenge you to live your weekend with added purpose and meaning. After all, we are “working toward the weekend.” Let’s make this weekend memorable.